Introduction to “Kenmin Yaki Be-fun” Stir Fried Rice Noodles

Yaki Be-fun Japanese

As the name suggests, the principle ingredient in “Be-fun” (=Bii fun) rice noodles is rice powder (“Bii” = “rice” and “fun” = “powder”). From olden times they have been one of the most popular types of noodle to be eaten in the south of China, Taiwan and South-East Asia.

Varieties of rice such as Japonica which are the most popular in Japan have a high water content and the grains cling together, and they have been developed over time so that they can be eaten simply in the form of “rice”. In contrast, in regions where varieties such as Indica are more commonly eaten, the tendency for such rice to separate rather than cling means that it lends itself more readily to be made into noodle form, and this is the origin of our modern-day Bii fun rice noodles.

Kenmin Foods Co. Ltd. began making Bii fun rice noodles in Japan in 1950. Initially there were problems with the noodles, as it was difficult to boil and add flavor to the noodles and it took a lot of time for them to cook.

However we solved all of these problems, and the result was “Kenmin Yaki Be-fun” which were released to the market in 1960. With the released of revolutionary new products which do not require seasoning or boiling and which can be easily cooked in a single frypan, Yaki Be-fun have become an extremely popular choice as noodles and are greatly enjoyed by many Japanese people.(“Yaki” means “stir fried” in japanese).

Yaki Be-fun are flavored using a simple soy sauce-based seasoning, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children through to the elderly, simply by stir-frying them together with your favorite vegetables.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles


Features of Kenmin Yaki Be-fun

Healthy and Gluten-free (only for above packaging product)

  • 230 kcal per packet of non-fried noodles with rice as the main ingredient
  • Gluten free product with gluten-free soy sauce, and all other seasoning ingredients are also gluten-free
  • Even if vegetables are the only added ingredients, delicious dishes full of vegetables can be created.

Easy to prepare

  • If you have water and the other ingredients ready, all it takes is 3 minutes in a frypan for anyone to make a delicious stir-fried rice noodle meal.
  • The rice noodles are already seasoned, so no extra seasonings are needed.
  • They can also be prepared using a microwave oven.
  • All that is needed is a metal pan or a hotplate, to get them ready for eating, which is ideal for parties and barbecues.

Many recipes

  • The flavors can be easily changed by adding ingredients such as tomato sauce, butter or spices such as curry powder.
  • Salad-style recipes are also possible by combining with salad vegetables.
  • They become crispy when fried, and can then be eaten by themselves as a delicious gluten-free snack.

Delicious Japanese flavors

  • Long-selling product with a history spanning 60 years of popularity in Japan
  • Traditional flavor based on seaweed and bonito stock and gluten-free soy sauce.
  • No animal products are used in any of the seasonings.

Other attractive features

  • Affordable price and you never get tired of eating them.
  • In the form of dry noodles, so storage and transportation is easy.
  • Light and low in waste, so recommended for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing.

How to Make Yaki Be-fun

Yaki Be-fun 1 pkg   Green bell pepper 1/4 pc
Thin cut pork belly 1 slice White onion 2 inch
Cabbage 1 leaf Oil 1/2 spn
Carrots 1/8 Water 6.7 OZ
Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

Can change thin cut pork belly with bacon,cabbage to be cut in bite sizes, carrots to be cut in match sticks, the green bell peppers and onions to be cut into strips.

Heat frying pan and add one and half table spoon of
cooking oil.
Lay down pork belly strips and layer with Yaki Be-fun
noodles, and vegetables in this particular order.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

POINT: layer in this order.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

Add 6.7 ounces of water, seal with a lid and heat on
high heat for 3 mins.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

After 3 minutes, remove the lid and lightly mix the
ingredients around and let the remaining water
evaporate. Serve hot.

*2 servings add 11.5 ounces of water.
*sesame oil can be added for extra flavor

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

How to make with microwave, deliciously.How to make with microwave, deliciously.

Bacon and mushroom

Yaki Be-fun 1 pkg   Garlic 1/2
Bacon 1 slice Butter 10 g
Spinach 1 leaf Water 5.3 OZ
Mushroom 1/8 Strips of nori seaweed
Black pepper
Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

Cut bacon into 1 cm strips, dice the spinach, clean the mushrooms, chop the garlic.

Yaki Be-fun out of plastic pouch, place into microwave safe plate,
and add ingredients and butter.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

Add 5 ounces of water and cover the plate with
plastic wrap. Cooking time is showed on the right table.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles
Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles

Remove the plastic wrap, add pepper and mix the
whole ingredients lightly until water is evaporated.

Caution: Be aware of the hot pan and plate from
microwave during cooking.

Introduction to Kenmin “Biifun” Instant Fried Rice Noodles